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About Me

I'm Liv. I grew up part intuitve New Yorker and part SoCal rollerblader. As the first in my family to graduate from college, I had the opportunity to study abroad for a year in Beijing and Taipei. I found myself spending hours reading the labels of shampoo bottles in the supermarket, engaging in beautiful, honest chats with rough-around-the-edges taxi drivers, and waiting in lines for street food made to order with university students.

Living each day learning a new word, turning the corner and smelling a new smell, trying to decipher the sights in front of me made me electric. After my experiences studying abroad, I knew that the international life was for me.


The opportunity came after 4 years teaching in my hometown of New York City. I spent 2 years teaching in Incredible India. I stepped off the plane, gasping for the air of fresh experiences, feeling like I had been holding my breath for 5 years, and I once again got turned inside-out onto another way of living. Now, I'm traveling slow for the year and writing about the past and my present.

Join me in my journey as I unravel adventures, share with you the stories of the people I meet, live my yoga, and reflect while...

...Livin' That Liv Life.


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Croatia | Turkey | Italy | Portugal | United Kingdom | Germany | China | Taiwan |

Vietnam | Philippines | Malaysia | Cambodia | Sri Lanka | Albania | Australia

India | Myanmar | Malaysia | Hong Kong | Macau | Japan | South Korea 

            USA | Timor-Leste | Thailand | Indonesia | Bahamas | Costa Rica | Mexico

*Highlighted countries are places where I've lived or worked in for 6 months or more.

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